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The Wolf – Fine Art Bodypainting by Johannes Stötter
Fine Art Bodypainting | Johannes Stötter:


video by Daniel Stötter

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A short Interview with the Artist:

How difficult was it compared to your other works? Do you think it is your best yet?

It was definitely more difficult than my other works, it was difficult to find the perfect position and it was quite hard for the models to hold the positions, from time to time they needed a break. Also it was difficult because the wolf is a mammalian and it has a coat, which is much more difficult to paint and to make seem realistic than for example the skin of an amphibian or a reptil.

The painting was one of my longest as well. From the beginning to the final photo I spend 8 hours in my studio. In the middle we spent at least 1 hour to correct the position again and again, the pure painting time was about 6 hours.

The first sketch took me just a few minutes, but it took 4 hours to check out the position with the models before the actual painting, it was my longest position test ever.

It is hard to say if the wolf is my best yet, but I am sure it is not less spectacular than my other animal illusions. Besides a wolf is an animal which generally attracts a lot of people.

How did you make the background of this work?

The background is painted with acrylic color on cardboard, partly with brushes, partly with spray cans. It hangs on the wall and continues on the ground.

What has the feedback from people been?

Actually many of the peolple who already saw the wolf say that it is my best work. Generally everybody likes it. People are fascinated and they say that it is even more difficult to find the people than in my other works. Recently I showed the wolf in public for the 1st time at my exhibition in Switzerland and it emerged as “the star” of the exhibition.

How do you make your animals so realistic?

I draw and paint since my early childhood and animals always belonged to my main motives and main themes. I always loved animals and apart from painting them I watched out for them in the nature, observed them well, studied them in books and photographed them. I am sure that all this helped me to develop my feeling and knowledge about animals. A deep knowledge and understanding about animals is one of many necessary aspects for the ability to create bodypainting works like this.

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