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How to Draw a Surreal Idea – Fine Art- Tips
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This video is the result of a moment of inspiration and it comes from a vision of my imagination! This is a simple drawing and it’s ideal for beginners that are willing to learn how to draw. This tutorial emerged from a moment of inspiration and I just simply draw whatever it came directly from my mind. This is a surreal drawing of an enchanted forest that melts into a couple of lovers.

List of materials:

Black lead holder: H lead
Red lead holder: 2B lead
Yellow lead holder: 6B lead
Kneaded eraser
Stick eraser
Fabriano white drawing paper, fine grain

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Как рисовать Surreal идея
Як малювати Surreal ідея
Cum de a desena o idee Suprarealist
Hoe maak je een Surreal Idee Draw
Comment dessiner une idée surréaliste
كيفية رسم سريالي فكرة
Kako nacrtati Nadrealno
Wie man eine surreale Idee zeichnet
Gerçeküstü bir fikir nasıl çizilir
Πως να ζωγραφίσεις μια σουρεαλιστική Ιδέα

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Fine Art

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