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Drawing Flowers: How to Draw a Rose With Pencil – Fine Art-Tips.
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Today’s video is about learning how to draw a flower with pencil. Therefore, we are going to draw a realistic rose and I’ll teach you step by step how to draw the petals and the contour of the flower. Also, I’ll teach you how to use shadows in order to create texture, volume and folds.

List of materials:

Mechanical pencil with 0.3 mm, H lead
Mechanical pencil with 0.7 mm, 2B lead
Lead holder with 2 mm, 3B lead
Kneaded eraser
Pencil eraser
Fabriano white drawing paper, fine grain

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Como desenhar uma rosa com lápis
Comment dessiner une rose au crayon
Как Нарисовать Розу Карандашом
Як Намалювати Троянду Олівцем
Jak Narysować Różę Ołówkiem
Ինչպես նկարել վարդ մատիտով

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