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How to Draw a Butterfly With Pastel – Fine Art-Tips
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Today I will teach how to draw a butterfly with pastels. This drawing would be realistic and we will enhance the colors of the animal in order that it would give the effect of 3D. I will give you the best advices to use correctly this wonderful and interesting material: the pastel.

List of materials:

Pastels: Set of 12 Conte – Carre Decor
Lead holder: 2B lead
Kneaded eraser
Pencil eraser, Magic Rub, Faber Castell
Strathmore drawing paper, fine grain
Pilot marker, fine
Fixative for pastel/charcoal/pencil, matte, Grumbacher

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This tutorial shows how to draw a butterfly with pastel.
Wie man einen Schmetterling mit Pastell zeichnet
Comment dessiner un papillon au pastel
Como Desenhar uma Borboleta com Pasteis
Jak narysować motyla za pomocą pasteli
Как нарисовать бабочку пастельными мелками
Как да нарисуваме пеперуда с пастели
Come disegnare una farfalla con i pastelli
Cách vẽ bươm bướm với màu sáp.
Як намалювати метелика пастеллю
Kako nacrtati Leptira pomoću pastela

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