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DIY Seaglass Necklaces
This necklace is super cute and easy to make! I learned how to make this a couple of weeks ago at Crystal Cove when I stumbled upon a piece of sea glass on the beach. I took it over to a sea glass jewelry class on the beach and a guy taught me all of his tips and tricks! I wear all of mine all of the time and it’s a great addition to any beach outfit! I hope you guys like it!

You guys can see more of my adventure at Crystal Cove on my website

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Fine Art

A-Level Fine Art Final Piece – Max Bowden – Timelapse Hyper Realism Acrylic Painting
Click here to view final image of painting and supporting essay –
Final piece for my A2 Fine Art coursework – Aged 16. Personal investigation into realism in portraiture.
150cm x 100cm Acrylic on canvas
The painting took me 97 hours from start to finish and in this time-lapse 1 second = roughly 55 minutes of painting. The subject is a family friend named Henry.