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Latest Designer Gold Necklaces 2017/ Indian Jewellery
Beautiful simple and sober gold necklace designs for every occasion are being display in the video.

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Jewelry and accessories videos

Bridal Jewelry Guide | Neckline Matching Necklace | Fashionable Tips | Bridal Collection
“When the day of your wedding rolls around, you don’t want the gorgeous jewellery pieces you have selected to look bland under the shine of your outfits. When it comes to lehengas and cholis, it is necessary to match your necklines to your neckpieces! Jewellery expert Akshita Sekhri from Truly Bridal by Kalyan Jewellers will guide you through the basics of the perfect neckline and neckpiece that will have the entire wedding party going head over heels in love with both!
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There’s no bigger day in your life than your WEDDING day! Apart from swearing an oath with your partner, you need to get a quintessential dress, flawless makeup, graceful jewellery and mesmerizing destination! Explore how you can make your wedding the most memorable one because for most of us, this day will live on forever.”

Jewelry and accessories videos

DIY Seaglass Necklaces
This necklace is super cute and easy to make! I learned how to make this a couple of weeks ago at Crystal Cove when I stumbled upon a piece of sea glass on the beach. I took it over to a sea glass jewelry class on the beach and a guy taught me all of his tips and tricks! I wear all of mine all of the time and it’s a great addition to any beach outfit! I hope you guys like it!

You guys can see more of my adventure at Crystal Cove on my website

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Jewelry and accessories videos

Beaded Jewelry Making : How to Make Beaded Necklaces
To make beaded necklaces, tie the clasp to one end of the thread, add the beads to the thread in a pattern, secure the end clasp on the thread and dab a little fingernail polish to secure the end knot. Gather the supplies before beginning a beaded necklace, including thread snippers, tweezers, pliers and beads, with advice from a jewelry maker and artisan in this free video on beaded jewelry.

Expert: Tammy Gray-Searles
Bio: Tammy Gray-Searles has been designing and making beaded jewelry and other beaded art products for more than 10 years.
Filmmaker: Carlye Jones

Jewelry and accessories videos

How to Make A Silver Wire Jewelry Necklace, Figure 8 Link Necklace with Red Beads
How to make a silver wire necklace, this video demonstrates how to construct the beautiful Figure 8 Link necklace and incorporate red glass beads, in easy to follow, step by step instructions. Additionally you can view still photographs of each of the steps involved at My standard wire is .035 sterling silver wire, soft, round, but you can also use 18 gauge nickel silver wire, or experiment with the many wires available at craft stores. I particularly like to use Black Stove Pipe wire. The construction of the Figure 8 Necklace requires the use of three pliers, round nose pliers, chain nose pliers and diagonal cutters.

Jewelry and accessories videos

DIY: Wire Wrapped Druzy Necklace – Jewelry Tutorial
Learn how to wire wrap a druzy and make these lovely necklaces in this tutorial from the London Jewellery School. To find out more visit and for our professional online courses see

Tools and Materials:
– Druzy Stones
– 0.4mm silver wire
– Silver chain
– Round nosed pliers
– Chain nosed pliers
– Flush cutters or cutting pliers

Happy Making 🙂

Jewelry and accessories videos

DIY Tassel Necklace • How to Make Jewelry • Alejandra’s Styles
How to make a DIY Tassel Necklace for summer! In this DIY Summer Necklace Tutorial, I show you how to make your own jewelry accessories. The materials you need to make this DIY are embroidery floss, a square cardboard, suede cord, a jumpring and a bead. I hope you enjoy making this easy project as much as I did. ^.^

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Jewelry and accessories videos

Latest gold haram jewellery designs short necklaces
Check the latest top 15 gold haram designs here. You are watching the superb collection of gold haram models having big pendant model design at the middle of the haram.

Some gold haram have peacock model enamel coated design at the middle of the haram gives the ravishing and beautiful look to the harams

Jewelry and accessories videos

Necklace DIY Jewelry making Tutorial seed bead necklaces Easy Ideas Mathie
In this jewelry making tutorial, we’ll make this nice DIY bead necklace that is so easy to do that you’ll it!! If you like jewelry making for beginners or you like seed bead necklaces this is the necklace tutorial for you!! Start now your necklace DIY
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