Getting the best Monogram Necklace

Monogramming has always been a popular way to celebrate a baby’s birth. But many baby items are quickly grown out of, some within just a few months. So, if you are looking at getting a monogrammed gift for a new baby, instead of a frilly dress that will shortly not fit, or a washcloth that will get soiled and stained, you may want to consider a longer lasting gift of a monogram necklace.

Choosing the Lettering

Choosing the proper letting and order of the letters may be the most difficult part monogrammed-necklaceof selecting a monogram necklace. If you want the gift to be very traditional and elegant, you might choose a three letter, highly scrolled monogram, using the child’s first and middle initials for the side letters and their last name for the larger middle letter. Or, if you want to make sure that she will wear her personalized necklace throughout her lifetime, you may choose a more modern, single letter monogram representing the child’s first name. First name monograms are particularly good for children as it is easier for them to associate themselves with their first name rather than their last name.

For Baby

True, most mothers don’t want their infants wearing necklaces. But a monogrammed necklace can still be a nice option to celebrate the birth of a baby. While the child is small, the necklace can be hung on their crib or in another visible location in the room so that the baby can see their letters. Displaying name letters is part of a modern movement to both decorate a child’s room and encourage early literacy through sight associations. Or, if displaying the necklace in the baby’s room doesn’t suit your tastes, the mother can wear a monogram necklace, keeping baby’s initials close to her heart.

As She Grows

As your child grows, their special monogrammed necklace can be displayed on a porcelain doll in her room, or put around a favorite teddy bear and seated on a bookshelf. Once your child is old enough to start wearing jewelry, especially for special occasion such as family or school pictures and during the holiday season, she can wear the necklace. A monogram necklace will never go out of style and even if you purchase a short chain for your baby, you can always get a larger chain once she has grown, or keep it short so she can wear the necklace at choker or collar length.